What's the maximum timing per side?

Around 26 minutes at 33 rpm
Around 13 minutes at 45 rpm

Around 5 minutes at 45 rpm
Around 8 minutes at 33 rpm

Please mind the fact that:
- the longer the side is, the lower the recording volume will be
- in case of extremely long sides, some parameters of the sound might be adjusted a little (e.g. sub-bass frequencies, stereo width...) - these adjustments are applied in order to achieve a slightly higher recording volume and, when the groove is very thin, to minimize its variations of width and make it trackable by all turntables

How can I create a custom quotation by myself?

1. Go to Shop -> Products
2. Choose the record format, colour, and quantity range among the various listed
3. Click "choose variant"
4. A new page will be displayed. Select the extras you want to be added (e.g. printed innersleeves/covers, shrink-wrapping etc.)
5. Unit price will be automatically updated
6. Enter the exact number of units you want to be manufactured (note: it must be within the q.ty range you have selected: e.g. if you have selected 300x12", you can enter 350, but not 250)

7. Visually check the resume of the product's attributes and quantity, then click "add to cart"
8. Choose between "go to checkout" or "continue shopping"

The next page will display the overall price of your ordered products, with/without tax (VAT). If you have an EU VAT nr. or a registered business nr. in non EU countries, no VAT will be added.
From this point on, you will have to login (or register) to confirm the order.

Please note that not all products are available for the smaller quantities. For example, for 300 units, printed innersleeves and printed inserts are not possible, this is why you don't find them listed among the product's attributes.

How can I place an order?

You have to register to the website, by entering your full company/personal details, before creating an order. Our privacy statement is always accessible for reading by clicking the link located in the footer.
To finalize your order, just follow the points 1-6 as described above, then choose the type of shipping and payment, and finally send us the files (read below how to do it).

How can I send the files?

1. First of all, organize files properly. Create one folder and name it with the catalogue number of your record. Then create two sub-folders, named "( Master" and "( Artwork". Copy the masters and the artwork into their respective folders
2. Create a short .txt or .rtf file with a brief resume of your order, or simply copy the screenshot of the order confirmation created in the Shop, and put it into the main folder
3. Pack the main folder to a .zip or .rar file
4. Go to and upload the packed file you've just created.

How can I order a double LP in the Shop?

1. Suppose you want to press a 2x500 LP
2. Select 500x12" (black or coloured)
3. Choose Innersleeves, Cover (standard or gatefold) and eventually shrink-wrapping as add-ons
4. Browse products again
5. Select 500x12" (black or coloured) again
6. This time, choose only Innersleeves as add-ons
7. Go to checkout
8. You will find record 1 and 2 on two different rows. Overall 1000 records, including cutting, metalwork, and labels (4 sides), 1000 innersleeves, and only 500 covers and - eventually - 500 shrink-wrappings

With this procedure you can also set up your product so that it has 2 different colours (record 1 and record 2).

Do you take orders from brokers?

After years of light and shadows working with brokers, we decided to stop taking orders from them.
At the moment, we work only with final customers: major labels, independent labels, independent producers.

What's the weight of the records?

150-160g (12")
50g (7")

We are not offering 180g records anymore, because the recent strong inflation has had a strong impact on PVC's and energy's costs. Since the 180g format is not giving any concrete advantage in terms of sound (there are plenty of published articles covering this topic), we prefer offering records which are anyway solid enough (150-160g are still a good weight) to be not considered as "lightweight" records, for a reasonable price.

Are there limitations in quantities and in the type of products which can be ordered?

Yes. Here is a quick resume:

Minimum pressing: 300 pieces per colour
Limited coloured editions (intended as small parts of a single pressing): not accepted

Some examples:
300 black -> OK
300 coloured -> OK
300 black + 300 coloured -> OK
200 black + 100 coloured -> NO
200 coloured + 100 black -> NO