Welcome to Phonopress

Phonopress is one of the historical vinyl records pressing plants in Western Europe. Located in Settala, in the outskirts of Milan, Italy, the company operates into a 1500 sqm standalone facility.

We are among the few European pressing plants which can perform the entire manufacturing process of vinyl records from beginning to end, without any outsourcing. The manufacturing steps include:

  • cutting of master lacquers;
  • complete galvanic process;
  • vinyl records pressing;
  • sleeving, packaging, sealing, etc.

Our bestsellers:

300 x 12", printed cover

Starting from

1.350 + VAT

  • classic LP layout
  • lacquercut
  • galvanic process
  • CMYK printed labels
  • inner sleeve
  • CMYK printed cover

300 x 12", generic cover

Starting from

1.075 + VAT

  • classic EP layout
  • lacquercut
  • galvanic process
  • CMYK printed labels
  • inner sleeve
  • black or white cover with 2 holes

300 x 7", white inner sleeve

Starting from

700 + VAT

  • lacquercut
  • galvanic process
  • CMYK printed labels
  • large (38mm) or small (7.4mm) centre hole
  • white cardboard inner sleeve


What's the maximum timing per side?
12" records:
Around 28 minutes at 33 rpm
Around 13 minutes at 45 rpm

7" records:
Around 5 minutes at 45 rpm
Around 8 minutes at 33 rpm

NOTE 1: these timings may vary a little according to the dynamics, frequencies, musical content of your material.
NOTE 2: remember that the longer the side is, the lower the recording level is.
Orders restrictions
- We don't take orders for less than 300 units
- We don't take orders split between two different colours, or between black and any colour, even if the overall ordered quantity is 300 units
- Test Pressings are offered only for pressings of 1000 units or more
- For orders of more than 500 units, we are happy to provide you with a custom quotation: write us an email, by clicking the "Contact" link at the bottom-right corner of the page, or click the "ask a question" button in the product's page
Specifications for master files
- If you send one file per side, then please include a PQSheet/Tracklisting.
- If you send one file per track, then please follow these rules: each filename has to start with the SIDE, followed by the NUMBER of the track formatted with AT LEAST TWO DIGITS.
A01, A02, B01, B02 etc. -> OK
A1, A2 etc. -> NOT OK
1A, 2A, 01A, 02A etc. -> NOT OK

We accept all types of audio formats, with any samplerate and bit depth.
To send the files, pack them into a single .zip or .rar file (if possible, with the artwork included) and send them by clicking the "cloud" icon in the top navigation bar or here.
Specifications for artwork files
We accept .pdf, .ai., .tiff, .jpg., .eps, .svg and .png files.
Resolution should to be at least 300 DPI, this is crucial for the artwork to look sharp when printed.
Color mode should be CMYK, but RGB is accepted as well (although some tints may be slightly different after the conversion).
To send the files, pack them into a single .zip or .rar file (if possible, with the master included) and send them by clicking the "cloud" icon in the top navigation bar or here.
Specifications for Copyright
In order to fulfill what is prescribed by the international Copyright laws, please proceed as follows:

If you/your Company are located OUTSIDE Italy:
Please enclose with the supplied masters/artwork a copy of the license of reproduction, so as received from the BIEM-associated authority of your country (eg: GEMA, SACEM, SUISA, BUMA/STEMRA, etc.), and/or a compiled and signed copy of the Copyright Declaration Form.
Note: the license must mention "Phono-Press International Srl" as manufacturer (your local authority will find us listed among the authorized pressing plants).

If you/your Company are located INSIDE Italy:
Se anche uno solo dei brani da inserire nel supporto è nel repertorio della SIAE o di altra copyright authority italiana od estera (nota: questa modalità è da seguire anche qualora il Cliente non ne sia certo), va inviato alla SIAE il seguente materiale:
1. copia di un documento di identità in corso di validità del Cliente (che per la SIAE è il "Produttore" dei supporti da duplicare, mentre noi siamo il "Fabbricante"). Se il Cliente/Produttore è una Società, autocertificazione di rappresentanza legale;
2. mod. SIAE DRM2 compilato e firmato dal Produttore. Il "Fabbricante" da indicare è "Phono-Press International srl". Nota: in questo modulo si esercita anche la scelta se ricevere i bollini presso il proprio indirizzo o se farli spedire direttamente a noi;
3. mod. SIAE TLC (Tracciato Label Copy) compilato;
4. copia in .pdf o .jpg delle etichette del disco.
Il materiale va inviato per email a drmcentralizzato@siae.it. SIAE effettuerà i dovuti controlli, attribuirà le corrette le quote di ripartizione agli aventi diritto, successivamente contatterà il Cliente/Produttore, comunicandogli l'importo da pagare. Una volta ricevuto il bonifico, emetterà fattura, rilascerà la licenza (di cui il Cliente dovrà farci avere una copia) e spedirà i bollini da applicare sui dischi (all'indirizzo scelto nel mod. DRM2).

Se invece nessuno dei brani da inserire nel supporto è nel repertorio della SIAE o di altra copyright authority italiana od estera:
Anche su supporti di questo tipo la Legge prescrive che vada applicato il bollino SIAE, il cui costo conterrà solo il diritto di vidimazione: pertanto l'esborso sarà veramente esiguo.
In questo secondo caso ci occuperemo noi della richiesta dei bollini, va quindi inviato alla nostra pec phonopress@pec.it:
1. mod. PP-LIC compilato e firmato con allegato documento di identità del Cliente;
2. mod. PP-AUT-NT compilato e firmato (come da istruzioni nel testo) con allegati documenti di identità di tutti gli autori e compositori non tutelati.
Restiamo comunque a Vostra completa disposizione per chiarire eventuali dubbi.
FAQ about Shop section
Q: I am a foreign customer and have a VAT number. Is it possible to exclude the calculation of VAT from the quotations, orders, invoices?
A: If you have entered correctly the required information in your profile, this will be done automatically. Because when you check out, before confirming the order, your VAT nr. is checked online via the VIES website. And if it is enabled to intra-UE B2B transactions, then all quotations, orders, shipping fees etc. will be calculated without VAT.

Q: I cannot find any available payment method when I am about to confirm my order.
A: Check if the shipping method has been correctly selected. In some cases, the available payment methods are affected by the selected shipping method.

Q: I can’t go forward through the order confirmation process.
A: Basically, the available options of each step of the process depend on one or more options you have selected in the previous steps. For example, if no delivery address is specified, then no shipping methods are displayed. Just click the little “Save” button located on the bottom-right corner of each frame (billing/delivery address, shipping, payment) after having filled or selected what is necessary, and the next box will be updated with the available options accordingly.