Around 28 minutes at 33.3 rpm
Around 13 minutes at 45 rpm

Around 5 minutes at 45 rpm
Around 8 minutes at 33.3 rpm

Please keep in mind:

  • these suggested playing times may change a little according to the dynamics and frequencies of the audio signal. The tracing of a groove containing a signal with loud bass frequencies takes much lateral space. On the contrary, quieter musical parts with a prevailing content of mid and high frequencies allow a more efficient packing of the grooves, with consequent saving of lateral space
  • the longer the playing time is, the smaller the modulation has to be, and consequentially the lower the recording level will be
  • If you are sending a single file per side, please attach a PQSheet/Tracklisting
  • If you are sending separate tracks, please remind that the filenames have to start with the letter corresponding to the side (e.g. A, B...), followed by the track number formatted with 2 digits.
    A01, A02, B01, B02 etc. -> OK
    A1, A2 etc. -> NOT OK
    1A, 2A, 01A, 02A etc. -> NOT OK

We accept all types of audio files with any samplerate and bit depth. We obviously discourage sending compressed files such as .mp3, .ogg., .flac, etc.
To send your files, please create a single archive (.zip, .rar) containing audio, artwork and copyright form, then send it using our Wetransfer service

We accept .pdf, .ai., .tiff, .jpg., .eps, .svg and .png files. The important thing is that:

  • resolution is at least 300 DPI
  • artwork is correctly fitting its template, accessible from the Download section of this site. If you keep the template included into the artwork, don't forget to keep it into a separate layer and to send the file with separate layers as well, so that we can remove the template before printing

Since offset printing uses CMYK (4 colours), it is advised to set up the artwork with the same colour mode. RGB (3 colours) is accepted as well, but the conversion from RGB to CMYK may sometimes cause some slight variations of some tints.
To send the files, please create a single archive (.zip, .rar) containing audio, artwork and copyright form and send it with our Wetransfer service

  • select Records (incl. lacquercut, galvanics and labels), select black or colour and the type of inner sleeve. If you want records with custom printed innersleeve (500 pieces), then choose the corresponding option in the pull-down menu "type of innersleeve": the cost of the generic innersleeve will be taken off the unit price, and you will be able to buy the printed innersleeves right before checking out
  • insert quantity: you will notice that the unit price decreases automatically as soon as the quantity is increased. That's normal, because the fixed costs of lacquercut, galvanics, labels etc. are split on a bigger quantity of records
  • add to cart
  • when checking out, add your desired artwork (e.g. covers, inserts etc.) and the eventual shrink-wrapping (by entering the number of records to be shrink-wrapped)

E.g.: 300 black, 200 coloured

  • Select Records (first pressing), leave the default colour (black) selected, select the type of inner sleeve, insert quantity (in this case, 300) and add to cart
  • Select Records (additional), choose colour and type of innersleeve, enter quantity (in this example: 200) and add to cart. Additional records have to be selected every time there is a repress or a complex product (e.g. with different colours), to avoid double-charging the price of lacquercut and metalwork, which is already included in the previously selected Records (first pressing).
  • When checking out, add to cart 1 set of extra stampers then eventually the artwork you like and the shrink-wrapping (by entering the number of pieces to be shrink-wrapped)
  • LP 1: select Records (first pressing), choose colour and type of innersleeve, enter quantity and add to cart
  • LP 2: select Records (first pressing, record 2 of a double LP), choose colour, inserire quantity (the same of LP 1) and add to cart
  • When checking out, you may select "500 12" CMYK Gatefold Albums" as artwork for your double LP, but you might also prefer the cheaper "500 12" CMYK LP Covers" which has enough space to store 2 records without problems. The rest of the artwork and the shrink-wrapping are also available. Pay attention when entering the number of pieces to be shrink-wrapped: it is a double LP, so if e.g. you are buying 600 records in total, then the number of pieces to be shrink-wrapped is 300.
Shop: how to order a repress (when having enough leftover covers and labels)

E.g.: 200 black or 200 coloured

  • Select 200 records (additional), select colour, type of innersleeve and add to cart
  • When checking out, add to cart 1 set of extra stampers and eventually the shrink-wrapping (by entering the number of pieces to be shrink-wrapped)