The sale of products and services by Phono Press International Srl (hereinafter named "Company") to Buyer is regulated in accordance to these Terms and Conditions; every modification or exception to them must be have a mandatory written form and must have been pre-authorized by written by Company. The following Terms and Conditions are regulated by the Italian Law.


Goods are always travelling at Customer's risk, even when shipping method is DAP (Delivered at place). Company will therefore not be responsible for any missing, partial or delayed delivery of goods.


Goods are property of Company until they are not fully paid by customer. Only payments done directly to Company are recognized by Company with respect to the Customer's obligations. Unless explicitly stated by Company by written, (e.g. in the the invoice(s)), goods must be entirely paid before being shipped to Customer or picked up by him at Company's facility. Incoming payments over the due dates will give Company the right to charge Customer with legal interests, according to D.Lgs. n. 232, 9 Oct. 2002 of the Italian "Codice Civile". Such interests will be calculated from the day after the "dates due" date reported in the invoice(s).


Foreign customers, when sending to Company the master(s) and artwork, is obliged to fill, date and sign the "Copyright Declaration Form" (one form per submitted job). Company reserves the right to wait for such documents and eventually inspect them, before starting to manufacture the records.


Company has an internal QC process which ensures that all manufactured records are of "acceptable commercial quality". Should the records not match such standards, then Company, after having received them back, will double check them and, if necessary, will promply replace some or all of them them with no further expense for Customer. Company will not accept any claim regarding slight surface- or color- imperfections on the records' surface. Any claim incoming after the 7th day (calendar) since the delivery of goods won't be taken in consideration.


Customer can freely ask to receive the nickel mothers of any of his order references for a period of 2 (two) years starting from the date of the respective invoices. Company will be responsible for the safekeeping of the metalwork during that period. After the expiring of the 2 years, if still in possession of the metalwork, Company will be free to destroy or recycle it.


For all disputes arising from these General Sales Conditions, the binding jurisdiction is the Italian jurisdiction, Tribunale di Padova.