Phono-Press International srl, based in Padova (Italy), Via Vescovado 39 is the holder of the personal data collected in this site according to the UE 679/2016 (GDPR). This privacy statement has been updated 08.08.2020.

According to the care taken by Phono-Press International srl to the protection of personal data, we are informing you about the procedures, purposes and context of communication and diffusion of your personal data and about your rights, according to chapter 13 of the GDPR. 


In order to offer the products and services of this website, Phono-Press International Srl (hereinafter named simply "Phono-Press"), as Holder of the personal data, has to handle some personal data and information which are necessary in order to fulfill the provision of desired goods and/or services. These data can be supplied implicitly by the technical instruments you use to access to these goods and services, or explicitly by you.

Phono-Press will treat the following categories of users' personal data:
• technical browsing data such as user's IP addess, identifier codes and specifications of the device(s) used by the user to achieve the desired goods and/or services, time of access to the website;
• no browsing data and/or third parties cookies aimed to profiling;
• identity information supplied by the user (e.g. name, surname, email, phone number, etc.) to achieve the sale of desired goods and services;


The data collected from you will be treated by Phono-Press exclusively with methods and procedures which are necessary in order to supply the required goods and/or services. Your data will in no manner be used to achieve statistical or marketing researches, promotional activities throughout social media, and/or transmission of commercial information regarding products and promotional activities from Phono-Press (Direct marketing).

Furthermore, they will in no manner be used for profiling purposes, e.g. by installing "cookies" from Third Parties on your device (Profiling). Finally, they will in no manner be supplied to other Companies running businesses -as a mere example- in the editoral, financial, ensurance, automotive, energy, large retail industries, or to humanitarian or charity organizations, for statistical or marketing researches or transmission of commercial information about products and promotional activities (Third Parties Marketing).


Your data will not be diffused in any manner, however they could be transmitted to Third Parties, for mere technical or legal reasons, whereas this will be necessary in order to fulfill the product and/or service you required (such as Third Parties providing technical services, shipping companies, hosting providers, software houses, etc.) - declared, if necessary, Responsibles of the Treatment by Phono-Press for specific technical or organizative purposes.
The access to these data is, furthermore, always granted to categories of personnel working in the Phono-Press internal structure (administrative personnel, commercial and marketing offices, customer service, system administrators).
The updated list of all Responsibles can always be asked to the Holder of the Treatment.


Your personal data will be normally handled by Phono-Press inside the territory of the European Union.
If, for technical or operative reasons, it will become necessary to rely on technical services located outside the EU, such as cloud external services, the Treatment will be regulated by Chapter V of the GDPR, and authorized according to specific decisions taken by the E.U. This means that all the necessary and specific cares will be taken, in order to warrant the most extensive protection of personal data. Particularly, the transmission outside the E.U. will be based: a) on decisions taken by the European Commission regarding the adequacy of a specific country regarding this subject; b) on adequate warrants expressed by the Third Party, according to Chapter 46 of the GDPR; c) on specific Corporate binding rules.


Phono-Press, according to Chapter 5.1 e) of the GDPR, will treat the data supplied by you throughout all the duration of the commercial relationship, and will keep them for at least the next 12 months, for administrative purposes and in order to fulfill legal and fiscal obligations.


Phono-Press grants you - anytime - the rights described in Chapter 12 of the GDPR. Specifically, you have granted rights to:
– know if the Holder is in possession and/or treats personal data regarding you and your person, and have complete access to them, even by asking for a copy of them (Art. 15, Right of access);
– change your personal data - if wrong - or modify them - if incomplete (Art. 16, Right of change);
– delete of your personal data in possession of the Holder if one or more reasons provised by the GDPR are existing (Art. 17, Right of deletion);
– ask the Holder to limit the treatment only to some personal data, if one or more reasons provised by the GDPR are existing (Art. 18, Right of Treatment Limitation);
– ask and receive all your personal data treated by Holder in a structured format of common usage, readable by automatic devices, or ask for a transmission to another Holder without limitations (Art. 20, Right of portability);
– give your opposition, partly or fully, to the treatment of your data for marketing purposes and similar (art. 21, Right of opposition);
– give your opposition, partly or fully, to the automatic or semi-automatic treatment of your data for profiling purposes.

The application of these granted rights can always be fulfilled by sending a notification to the Holder of the treatment/Data Protection Officer whose addresses are written in the proper section of this Privacy Statement.

Furthermore, you have the right to write a complaint to th Autorità Garante per la Protezione dei dati Personali, by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or website (


According to Chapter 37 of GDPR, Phono-Press has nominated a Data Protection Officer and has created a specific service in order to handle all request concerning the privacy of its users/customers.
Concerning all these aspects, you may get in touch with:
– Ufficio Privacy c/o Phono-Press International srl - Via C. Battisti, 1 - 20090 Settala (MI)
– or you may write an email to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This Privacy Statement has been updated/revised on 28.11.2021.