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Vinyl Records since 1985.

With 5 Alpha Toolex record presses, in-house cutting and metalwork, Phonopress is the perfect partner for record labels looking for a manufacturing service done 100% in-house, with reasonable prices and clear delivery times.

Rich, defined sound

The experience coming from thousands of lacquercuts and the constant feedback from our customers, plus the top-level gear of our cutting studio, are your best guarantee to get a powerful, yet defined sounding product!

Several chart-topping records manufactured throughout the years

Scheduled deliverydates

We are actually taking orders only for 7" records, with an average deliverytime of 6-8 weeks. Until further notice, we won't take new customers for 12" records!

Our History

Phonopress, today, consists of a blend of experiences, skills and equipment, coming from the Italian records manufacturing district of the 70's and 80's: Polygram Italy, Saar Records, CGD, just to name a few Milan-based companies from the golden years of vinyl records. Operating on a 16.000 sq. ft. facility, the company is held by two shareowners. Thanks to a very flexible structure in terms of personnel and machines, Phonopress is able to handle practically any kind of order, from just a few hundreds records to thousands.

Our Products

Vinyl Records

12" and 7", black and coloured
(see all details in the "Shop" section)


To record producers, and to other pressing plants which have no lacquer cutting facility in-house, we offer quality lacquercuts at competitive prices!


Silvering, electroplating and record stampers finishing, from supplied or fresh-cut lacquerdiscs, with 10" and 14" diameters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the maximum recording length you would suggest?

    12", 33 1/3 rpm: 28-30 minutes per side (recommended: not more than 25)
    12", 45 rpm: 13 minutes per side (recommended: not more than 11)
    7", 45 rpm: 5:45 per side
    7", 33 1/3 rpm: 9:00 per side (recommended: not more than 7:30)
  • What's the minimum quantity I can order?

    It is 300 pieces, either for black and colored records.
    We do not press titles in split colours, if any of the colours has less than 300 units.

    E.g.: 300 colour 1 + 300 colour 2 is possible, but 200 colour 1 + 100 colour 2 is not possible. Same for black (200 black + 100 colour = not possible).
    The unit price changes according to the quantity you order, and to the product configuration.
    Find detailed info into the "Shop" section.
  • How can I send you master and artwork files?

    We suggest you to pack everything into one or two .zip or .rar files, and use our Wetransfer channel http://phonopress.wetransfer.com to upload them. The link will last longer with respect to a standard Wetransfer link.
    Always assign a catalogue number to your job and name the folder with that number. This will help us locating the job when it will be the time to process it.
    Do not name your master with generic names such as "vinyl-master"! Don't forget that we receive more than 50 new masters and artwork to process every week, so being named without specifications will be the best way for your folders to get lost or, even worse, confused with someone else's.
    Finally, copy a brief resume of your order and your complete company/personal data and phone number into the folder.
  • Which file formats and specifications do you accept?

    Audio: .wav, .aiff or DDP. Samplerates: 44.1 - 48 - 88.2 - 96 - 192 kHz. Bit depths: 16 or 24. Please don't send 32-bit files!

    Artwork: .pdf, .tif, .ai, CMYK format (please don't send RGB!), minimum resolution: 300 DPI.

  • My last order has been delivered with some damaged covers, what can I do?

    From the time when the records get loaded into the shipping company's truck, we are not responsible for them anymore.

    If the carrier causes damages to the boxes and to what's into them, that is clearly not due to our will or neglicence, but at the same time the Customer cannot have any responsibility, too.

    Hence, the smartest thing to do is probably preventing these accidents to happen. Here's a couple of tips which we have experimented after many years of troubles:

    1. Records travelling as groups of boxes are much more exposed to risks of damage than records sealed into a single pallet. If the quantity you wish to order is compatible with this option (e.g. 300 records with 500 covers), a sealed pallet is strongly encouraged.

    2. You might ask the sleeves to be shipped into separate boxes, with no records inside, and the records to be packed only into their innersleeves. The shipment will cost a little bit more, due to the different volume to weight ratio, but it will surely avoid seam-splits and similar problems.

  • Can I send you the master lacquers cut elsewhere, to process them and press only the records?

    No. Our cutting studio cuts the master lacquers (LPs, EPs, 7"s and Discomixes) following specific parameters and guidelines (groove width, spacing etc.) which have been optimized, throughout the years, for our pressing department, and particularly for the speed of our Alpha Toolex presses. This way, the pressed records are an extremely close copy of the master lacquers/metal mothers.
    The same results cannot necessarily be achieved with lacquers coming from outside, and sometimes - especially with extremely wide grooves - it takes time, rejects, energy and modifications to get close to that result; something which isn't really worth.

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