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Cutting room

Phil Rizzi - senior cutting engineer, technical director

Phil achieved a lot of experience as producer, mixing and mastering engineer in various studios in the early years of the new Millennium; later on he developed his ability of cutting master lacquers, combining it with some specific mastering techniques, in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

Among his most famous recent cuttings, there are "Lost on you" by LP, "Umano" & "Vietato Morire" by Ermal Meta, "Magellano" and all 7"s by Francesco Gabbani, "Motore di Vita" by Mario Venuti, "Ogni Istante/Yours to keep" by Elisa, "Andiamo a comandare" and "Tutto molto interessante" by Fabio Rovazzi, "Io non abito al mare" by Francesca Michielin, "Io" by Sergio Cammariere, "Gigi" by Fabio Concato, "The best of the beast" by Donatella Rettore, "Prisoner 709" by Caparezza, "Bimbi" by Charlie Charles, "Ognuno ha il suo racconto" by Red Canzian and more of 5000 sides cut throughout the years either for major and indipendent labels. Phil sometimes loves to sign the sides he cuts with his name and a little "smile" on the right.

Phil is a rather slippery character and not often easy to reach.

Phil is also the technical director of the cutting room, and takes decisions regarding signal routing, outboard, converters, and so on.

You can find his complete technical discography (constantly evolving) here:




Gianni Basilio - senior cutting engineer

Gianni, born 1942, has an experience of around 50 years both as sound and cutting engineer. The list of his technical credits achieved over such a long period would be almost impossible to compile.


Alberto Roveroni - junior cutting engineer

Born as musician, Alberto started his first mixing and mastering experiences with his first recording studio "The Sound Factory" located in Padova, in north-eastern Italy. Soon, "The Sound Factory" became a steady reference point for many musicians in Northern Italy, until Alberto moved to Milan in year 2008.

Very patient, down-to-earth and precise, Alberto loves all kinds of music and he's quite customer oriented.

Some years later, he co-founded with Gary Marlowe Bear&Kaiser, a production team specialized in soundtracks mainly for the German movies and tv-shows.

In year 2008, he won the "silver prize" at the VCA awards as cluster-1 for the "signal to noise" remix of Peter Gabriel.

A quick list of the artists he has cooperated with:

Alessandra Amoroso, Andrea Centazzo, Andrea Chimenti, Archimia string quartet, Ares Tavolazzi, Arianna Cleri, Beppe Stanco, Carlo Debei, Carlo Marrale, Chiara Canzian, Cristiano Turato, Chiara Luppi, Daniela Dessi, Daniele Coro, Danilo Ballo, Daniele Di Gregorio, Dodi Battaglia, East Rodeo, Ellade Bandini, Enrico Gabrielli, Enrico Ruggeri, Eugenio Finardi, Fabio Armiliato, Federica Camba, Fedrico Malaman, Francesco Bearzatti, Fabio Valdemarin, Franco Cerri, Gary Marlowe, Gianluca Grignani, Giò di Tonno, Luisa Corna, Ivana Spagna, Jason lindner, Kaiti Garbi (greece), Malika Ayane, Mario Biondi, Marco Paolini, Maurizio Camardi, Ornella Vanoni, Paolo Belli, Paolo Fresu, Patrizia Laquidara (tenco prize), Patty Austin, Peter Gabriel, Pooh, Red Canzian, Ricky Gianco, Rosa Passos, Roy Paci, Sergio Cossu, Sergio Muniz, Steve Burns, Toto Cutugno, Tuck&Patty, Will Bottin, Yugen.


Galvanic department

Luciano Avino - head of galvanic department

With an experience of more than 20 years, Luciano takes care of the master lacquers treatment/degreasing/silvering, step by step, down to the final product which are the centered and preformed nickel stampers, ready to be mounted on the presses.


Pressing and packaging department

Tiziana Bolognini & Giada Arrigoni


Mechanical, electromechanical mainteinance and setup

Arturo Fresolone - general head of mainteinance

Born 1949, Arturo gained a long experience at Italian Philips/Polygram headquarters in Tribiano (MI) from the 70's to the 90's. His knowledge ranges 360° from galvanics to pressing, and he is undoubfully, every day, a steady reference point for everyone at Phonopress.