Dischi in vinile, picture discs, vinyl records


What's the maximum allowed length per side?
12" 33 1/3 rpm: 25-28 minutes per side
12" 45 rpm: 9-11 minutes per side
7" 45 rpm: 4:45-5:00 per side
7" 33 1/3 rpm: 7:30-9:00 per side - LO-FI FORMAT

How can I ask for a price quotation?
By email, or by using the online form you can find in this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please specify in your inquiry as many details as you can: the weight of the records, the length of the sides, the kind of packaging you would like (remember that -regarding the artwork- 500 pieces is the minimum we can print)

How can I send my order?
Just fill, date and sign the "Order Form" and the "Copyright Declaration Form" you can find in the "Downloads" section. Scan them and include them in your project's folder or send them to info@phonopress.it

How can I send the masters and the artwork?
Please do not send Audio CDs or CD-Rs by mail or courier.

Send your files using our Wetransfer Channel.
We accept .wav or .aiff files, depths: 16, 24 or 32 bit, sampling rates: 44,100Hz or more. DPD projects are also accepted.

Regarding the artwork, we accept .pdf, .ai, .psd, .eps, .tiff and .jpg files, with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. All artwork files have to be in CMYK or Grayscale format, not RGB, since the tints might differ from what you expect, as we will print them in CMYK

Can you press my records if I am going to supply the stampers plated elsewhere?
If you supply the nickel positives (mothers) too, we can do it. We will then plate two safety stampers out of them. We don't particularly like to work with only one set of stampers, because if they get damaged during the pressing process, there is no way to replace them


Can you press my records if I am going to supply the lacquers cut elsewhere?
Yes. However, we take no responsibility for anything arising from the cutting process  (skipping / distortion / background noise / etc). In case you have any doubt, please ask: we have a list of trusted external cutting facilities we use to work with

Can you press my records if I am going to supply the labels printed elsewhere?


Can you press my records if I am going to supply the covers / inserts / sleeves etc printed elsewhere?



Can you press only 1 copy? Or 10?



May I check the quality of my record before receiving the whole stock?
With a little additional expense, you can ask for 5 or more "Test Pressings", this means records with blank labels pressed with the stampers which will then be used to press the finished job. However, "Test Pressing" are not always really telling about the quality of the final product. Like all the very first records of a specific run, they are pressed before the optimal thermical environment of the press is reached. For this reason, in most of the cases the final records will be a little less noisy of the "Test Pressings". Another thing that gets double-checked when the whole stock of final records is pressed is the perfect centering of the A and B sides

May I check the quality or the colors of labels and covers?
The labels have to be cooked before pressing, and this process will slightly modify the tint of their colors. Plus, the labels are printed in sets of 24 (this means 12 titles which in most cases belong to different customers) on 70x100 sheets, which makes the "Cromalin" (color-preview printed on paper) of a single label furtherly meaningless. However, you can ask -for free- for a .pdf preview of your label to check if it perfectly fits into the die-cut lines.

You can instead ask -with a little extra expense- for a "Cromalin" (color-preview) for all the rest of the paperwork


I have received some records whose covers are slightly damaged, or the records/covers have been wet, etc.
We pack the records into small boxes, and we pack these boxes into a bigger box. We do this in order to protect your records the best we can. However, as stated in our General Sales Conditions, once that the records leave our factory we are not responsible anymore about how they are handled by the shipping companies or anybody else