Dischi in vinile, picture discs, vinyl records


What's the maximum allowed length per side?
12" 33 1/3 rpm: 25 minutes per side
12" 45 rpm: 9 minutes per side
7" 45 rpm: 4:30 per side
7" 33 1/3 rpm: 7:30 per side - LO-FI FORMAT

How can I ask a price quotation?
By email, or by using the online form you find in this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please specify in your inquiry as many details as you can: the weight of the records, the length of the sides, if you want the labels printed in b&w or in full color, if you want the covers (remember that 500 is the minimum we can print).

How can I send my order?
Fill, date and sign the "Order Form" and the "Copyright Declaration Form" you find in the Downloads section. Scan them and send them to info@phonopress.it, or fax them to +390295898992.

How can I send the masters and the artwork?
Please do not send Audio CDs or CD-Rs by mail or courier. They could be lost or damaged. The best solution is that you send your files using our Wetransfer Channel. Upload the files, send them to yourself and generate the download link, then paste this link into the email with your order so that we can download the files. If you need help, please ask: we will send you more detailed instructions.
We can accept .wav or .aif files, depths: 16, 24 or 32 bit, sampling rates: 44,100Hz or 48,000 Hz.

We don't accept 96kHz files.

As for the artwork, we accept .pdf, .ai, .psd, .eps and even .jpg files, with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. Files must be in CMYK or Grayscale.

Can you press my records if I am going to supply the stampers plated elsewhere?
It would be better that you supply the positives (mothers). We will then plate two new stampers out of them. We don't particularly like to work with only one set of stampers. If they get damaged during the pressing, there is no way to replace them.


Can you press my records if I am going to supply the lacquers cut elsewhere?
Yes. However, we take no responsibility for anything arising from the cutting process  (skipping / distortion / background noise / etc). In case you have any doubt, please ask: we have a list of trusted cutting rooms we use to work with.

Can you press my records if I am going to supply the labels printed elsewhere?
No. Our Alpha Toolex automatic presses pick up the labels using the vacuum. It takes a paper with specific grain, thickness and porosity in order to avoid double labelling, no labelling, broken labels etc. The labels have to be cooked into a vent oven, and completely dry during the pressing, so the quality of the printing inks matters as well. With the Picturediscs, the specs of the paper are even more crucial, because the fibers of the A & B labels must not cross eachother, otherwise the Picturedisc will warp after being pressed, while it is cooling. To avoid rejects and complaints, we prefer to print the labels in-house. Please remember that your artwork (labels, innersleeves, covers, etc.) will be printed in minimum 500 copies.


Can you press my records if I am going to supply the covers / inserts / sleeves etc?



Can you press 250 records and print only 250 covers?
No problem to print 250 records, but the artwork (see above) will be printed in 500 copies. However, we can deliver your records in plain white sleeves, in order to let you complete your product with covers printed elsewhere or with an alternative packaging solution you might find locally.

Can you press only 1 copy? Or 10?
No. The minimum is 250 copies.


May I check the quality of my record before receiving the whole stock?
If you are going to press 500 or more records, you can ask for 5 or more Test Pressings. Once you will have listened to them and accepted them, we will go on with the printing jobs (if any) and then with the pressing of the whole stock of records. Please note, that by accepting the Test Pressings you will accept the whole stock of records. Also please note, that the lacquercut is a mechanical process, which we do in respect of the RIAA guidelines, thus the resulting sound will depend by the audio content of the master recordings you supplied. More info are available in the Order Form ("General Sale Conditions").

May I check the quality or the colors of labels and covers?
As specified above, the labels have to be cooked before pressing, and this slightly modifies the tint of their colors. This fact makes e.g. a Cromalin to preview the colors totally meaningless for labels. You can instead ask for a Cromalin (color-preview) for all the rest of the paperwork. If you instead need to simply check that everything's OK (centering in the die-cut shapes, titles, fonts), please ask us for a quick .pdf preview generated by the pre-printing department.


I have received some records whose covers are slightly damaged, or the records/covers have been wet, etc.
We pack the records into small boxes, and we pack these boxes into a bigger box. We do this in order to protect your records the best we can. However, once that the records leave our factory, we are not responsible anymore about how they are handled by the shipping companies or whoever.